November 6, 2010


Three years ago - our Lila Grace was born.

She was tiny, delicate and so very different from our other two children.

It truly amazes me that a person so tiny could have changed our world so much. I am so thankful to have had 86 days with her. She moved mountains with her tiny hands, mountains we'd constructed in our hearts. God sent her here on a mission, and her work only took three months to complete. I miss her dearly, but with each passing year the pain lessens. I stopped viewing the time as rapidly moving away from her, and realized it is rapidly moving toward her. Our time will come, we know not when, but we know it is coming. I have stopped viewing Heaven as something unknown and uncertain. I have studied God's clues to Heaven in the bible, and it is so much more than the myths I used to believe. I know I won't have wings, I won't turn into an angel, I'll be me, and we'll all be a big family, we won't stand around and sing all day with harps- we'll have a purpose, a life, an eternal life free of pain and suffering. It's going to be wonderful.

She's there waiting, and I don't fear death anymore. Death is merely the door opening to our eternal life. It is the beginning.

I hope and pray that my "beginning" in my eternal life begins with a giant hug from a sweet soul named Lila Grace, a smile on her face and a voice calling out, "Mom! I am so happy to see you, I've been waiting!"

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