March 1, 2010

City Mom: A Lovely Winter Wedding

Quinn, Jason and I attended my twin brother's wedding this weekend, and seriously, saying it was a beautiful and touching and proud moment for me would all be a complete understatement. It was HUGE in my heart, and a day packed with so many wonderful moments that it will definitely stick with me forever. I couldn't feel any more grateful to have been there to witness it all.

A photo of the lovely bride and groom :)

But, I wanted to add something here. On the way to the wedding, my husband and I decided to turn on the radio in the car. THIS LIKE, NEVER HAPPENS. We are iPhone junkies and our itunes playlist could probably play for 6 years without a single song repeating, I'M NOT KIDDING. BUT, for whatever unheard of reason, we had the radio on at this time.

And wouldn't you know... as soon as the song which was playing finished, in starts a song very near and dear to my heart. The ONE song I would play and dance with my little Ethan to. A song I had not heard in quite a while due to my lack-of-radio-listening. OUR song. Bubbly.

And in that moment, Jason and I both stopped talking. We just looked at each other and instantly all the stress of planning for the day was lifted from our shoulders. It was as if Ethan had hopped down from Heaven just long enough to give our hearts a great big squeeeeeeeeze!

I love him so much.

What a GREAT day :)

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