March 1, 2010

Memorial Websites

There are many ways of remembering your little one, the choices are infinite. We both made memorial websites for our babies, and this is actually what brought us together! The sites opened the opportunity for us to meet other moms who have been in our shoes and make lasting friendships.

Here are some of our thoughts on them-

City Mom

About a month after Ethan died, I came across the website and created a free trial page for him. It was very easy to make and even had a few pre-made layouts that I could choose from. Little did I know, creating his memorial site would actually turn out to be a huge HUGE outlet for me. I enjoyed that I could share not only my memories, but all that Ethan was and meant to me as well.

His memorial page has been a wonderful outlet for my family as well. They could come and "visit" his page when they were missing him and they could also get a glimpse into how both my husband and I were feeling by what we wrote. On days when it was too much to go to Ethan's grave, we could still visit his memorial page and light a candle. It was a constant "place" for us, and was accessible no matter the time of day or night we needed it.

My husband and I paid to make Ethan's site available permanently because it proved to be so wonderful for us. Overtime it would also help me to connect with so many other parents just like me, including Country Mom. The families on there are beyond wonderful, and the support they offered truly helped at my greatest times of need.

Looking at his site now, I am amazed that he's had over 70,000 visitors. It does my heart good knowing that his life and story continues to touch lives each and every day.

If you create a site for your angel and have questions along the way, please do not hesitate to ask us. We would love to assist you or provide you support during the process. I remember that it took me months before I could get up the strength to write Ethan's "Life Story". Remember that everything can be done on your own time, and we are here for support if you need it.

Click this picture to visit Ethan's site.

Country Mom

After Lila was gone I felt like I needed to be in contact with another mom who understood. I searched the web for a support group that seemed like a good fit, but there weren't any that spoke to my heart. I stumbled upon I clicked several sample pages- one of which led me to Wendi's page for Ethan. I read through the site and noted that she was a lot like myself and had many of the same feelings I did.

I started my own page that day and shortly after, contacted Wendi through Ethan's site. The site was simple and easy to make, it didn't take much more than basic computer knowledge to assemble. The parts I couldn't figure out, I consulted Wendi and the help pages for- and they always had an answer. When you start out, the page is free, it does have an expiration on the free trial, but is less than $70 for a lifetime membership. At first I didn't think I'd keep the site for long, but I soon found that it was aiding me in my healing process. It was a place I could go and journal feelings, view her pictures, light her a "candle." It was also a spot where my family from out of state could visit, since paying their respects at her grave site wasn't possible for them.

I also added her page to the memorial page and started receiving emails from other people who had lost a baby. Before long her page had reached 50,000 visits which made my heart happy knowing that my baby was being remembered. I should also note the amazing group of people who use last memories- all the moms and grandmas are friends and light candles for each other's babies. It's truly remarkable how a loss can bring so many strangers together from different parts of the world and make them feel like family.

It also serves as a place where Lila's spirit and the love she brought can keep on growing and making beautiful things happen. I highly recommend the last memories free trial, it can help you decide if this is a good fit for your family. (There are other memorial websites as well, I have tried another, but found last memories to be the easiest to use)

Click this picture to visit Lila's site.

Please note, the reviews expressed here are merely our opinion and based upon our own personal experiences with the website. We have not been paid for this review, nor are we affiliated with the company responsible for providing these sites beyond using them for our own memorial sites. Feel free to contact us with questions in the comment box.

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