February 20, 2010

We bought this...

Say hello to the Arm's Reach Infant Co-sleeper. We both knew that we would be a little on the over-protective side after losing our last baby. This left us in search of the perfect bed that wouldn't have us getting up every 10 seconds looking over the side to check on baby... So we found this product (http://www.armsreach.com/). Here's what both of us mommas thought about it..

Country Mom says...

I love it. Absolutely love it! Jude is my third baby - with both of my daughters we used a play pen, a moses basket, a bassinet, a crib, a cradle- nothing ever made both Mommy and Baby happy. With this bed, Jude was (and still is) in my room, right next to me, but not in my bed. It makes baby happy because he can fall asleep right next to mommy. He's close enough for comfort, but not in our bed! It made nursing him so much easier. There's no high side to lift him over, just enough of a lip to keep him in his bed. (Plus for a worrywart like me you don't have to get up and go look at him, all you have to do is open your eyes because he's right there.) Now that he's bigger we have to put the side up and let him sleep in it as a play pen. We got a lot of use out of it, and will continue to until we're into the toddler phase. I have to admit when we first bought it, I was skeptical- it didn't look like it was worth the $200 we spent on it, but the proof was obvious when we had a happy sleepy newborn snuggled up in his co-sleeper. I highly recommend it! (Note- mine is the full size co-sleeper, the mini didn't look like it was quite as tough for the long haul- the mini takes up less space, but is probably best for those who will transition quickly to a crib.)

City Mom says...

This is seriously one of the best purchases I have ever made! I also purchased this in the full size because I definitely wanted something my son could sleep in for a long time. It is literally as if my son is sleeping with me in bed, but safely! It diminished the worries associated with in-bed co-sleeping, all while providing the same amount of closeness.

BONUS: It works perfectly with the HiSense Babysense Monitor we reviewed below! All you have to do is insert a board beneath the mattress to rest the sensors on (since they require a firm surface to function). So, consider using these two products together as we did.

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