February 21, 2010

Big Bouncing Baby Boys...

From the beginning of '08 until today, Wendi and I have been close friends. We've been there for each other when the rest of the world didn't understand our pain. It was a long difficult road of healing and still is at times- but having that support is like a beam of light shining into a dark room.

After months of waiting and thinking.. Wendi and I both discussed how we thought we were ready to try again to build our families (and of course we talked to the husbands about this too!) We started praying for each other and being super positive about getting pregnant and forging ahead. In early October I found out I was pregnant and emailed her to share my good news. Her reply, if I recall correctly, was something like "Are you sitting down?!!" She had just found out she was pregnant too!

It was super exciting to get pregnant at the same time and share our thoughts and worries throughout the next forty(-ish) weeks. She knew what my fears were, and I hers.. How could we possibly sleep after we brought the new baby home? Would we ever be able to take our eyes off the new baby? Would we be prepared if we had another emergency situation?

In June both of our boys arrived safely! Our prayers had been answered! Born just five days apart, Quinn weighing in at 10lbs & 6oz, and Jude 9lbs & 9oz. We both had big bouncing baby boys!

Over the course of the next eight months, up until today, we found that time and love are what heals a heart. It doesn't heal completely- but a new part grows. And eventually- though you're still a worrywart, it does lessen and you learn how to relax a little. We learned that even though we have a lot of pain in our past, we can't let it take away the joy we have ahead.

If you've suffered a loss and are in need of a friend, please leave your email in our comment box. You're not alone in this, we want to be your support too.

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  1. found you on someone's blog. idk exactly. the blog is nice. i'm sorry for your losses. i lost my teenage son 20 months ago. long story. i know it's different from losing an infant. still, it's inspiring to see you guys using your grief to support others. keep it up. :0) kellie.blair.alexander@gmail.com