April 21, 2010


We are withdrawing our blog from topmommyblogs. Sometimes things move really fast, and you just need to slow them down. We are thankful for all of your support and votes. We will continue to blog, so stick around! (((hugs)))


  1. Oh, I'm sorry, unless it's a good thing? I hope everything is ok. Love you guys and the message your spread.

  2. Hey Diana, I think it's a good thing, I mean, it's what we wanted- a successful site- but as you can imagine, a site like this can be emotionally taxing at times. :)

  3. Sending you both ♥ and hugs! I can understand the emotional toll it can take on you two. I just wrote my first emotional post and i was out for a few days after - cant imagine how difficult it can be for you two some days.

    You are both doing amazing work!

    Devan @ Accustomed Chaos