April 17, 2010

Love This: Spring!!

I'm so in love with this weather and the plants. This is my first year where I haven't been either pregnant or taking care of a newborn, so I can finally tend my garden well this year and give it serious attention. I'm not babysitting this summer and Maddie and Jude are both old enough to play in the yard so it's gonna be grrrrrrrrreat! I just know it ;) I'm picturing organic veggie soups, leafy green salads, etc... Wish me luck, I may need it- it's been a long time. (Last year I was at the end of my third trimester with Jude while gardening and let's just say the weeds took over, the broccoli was taller than my extremely tall four year old, and the lettuce could have been mistaken for a tree. lol) Here are a few pics I took this past week.

Peach tree blooms
Cherry Tree BloomsApple Tree BloomsOur "squail" that's what maddie called them back when she first learned to talk.
On a somewhat related note, will SOMEBODY PLEASE inform my hubs that it is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE to wear sloggers when gardening!?! He laughs hysterically when he sees me tromping around the yard in my sloggers. I can't be the only one who sports these, right?! (and P.S. I don't wear them to the grocery store, they're for home only).


  1. What a special friendship. I'm so sorry for your loss. God bless you both for caring enough to reach out and comfort others.

  2. i wear sloggers, you tell him it is the style when working in the garden. lol.


  3. Those are gorgeous pictures!