April 2, 2010

SIDS Fear.

I've noticed an increased amount of women blogging/tweeting about their fear of SIDS. I just have to say, Don't let fear rob you! Enjoy your babies- every minute of every day! But do stay educated on how to lower the risk: http://www.sids.org/ & http://www.firstcandle.org/ and help other mommies who have suffered the loss.

Don't feel powerless! There is so much you can do:

Offer a hand to hold.

Give endless hugs.

Be an ear to listen.

Support the cause: walk, run, donate... etc.

Be informed!

Spread the word!

IF you see someone putting a baby in a risky sleep situation, speak up!

Don't fear SIDS, help fight it!


  1. This is a great post topic and one that I felt personally when my boy was a baby. You are so right about not letting fear rob you. There are many things you can worry about when you have a baby and it is easy to do so because they are so dependant on you and yet we also don't have full control over every detail. No one does.

    When I work with new parents and teach them about our 'back to sleep' campaign to reduce SIDS, the biggest pain in my side is this conversation:

    "Well, my mom said we all slept on our stomaches in ruffled sheets, on soft fluffy blankets, and we are all fine and alive."

    Such a big pain for me. My usual response is that yes 'you' are alive but the babies that are not here anymore can't say the same thing.

    It is so important to have a voice for the babies that were lost to SIDS. So important.

  2. What you two are doing is so inspiring. This blog is an amazing way to honor your babies lives!