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Vintage City Mom

I found some photos of my twin brother and I when we were just little babes! I'm taking you back people. Back to when City Mom's life was easy-peasy, her hair was blond, and all she cared about in the world were Lisa Frank Stickers, Hello Kitty Stationary, Freezer Pops, Capri Suns and Ramen Noodles (For the record, I still care about the Ramen Noodles. I'm pretty sure they eat those in Heaven).


Hanging on our Grandma and Grandpa's deck in Rockland County, NY during a family soft ball game. My Mom dressed us so cute. :)

I'm pretty sure this one was taken on one of our Birthdays... 4, maybe 5? I remember that we both got big wheels from our Aunt Billie and as far as young kid life goes, this qualified as THE BEST DAY EVER.

Back in the day at Seashore State Park I believe. That's my Aunt there in the back - the one who got us the Big Wheels. I LOVE YOU AUNT BILLIE - :)

School photo, back before they brought in the lasers

A) My sweater is awesome, but I should have been wearing THIS ONE that my Nana bought me (and for the curious, my brother got MC Hammer).

B) FRECKLES!!!!!! Believe it or not, I no longer have them.
Who knew you could outgrow freckles?

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