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Hey, It's me! - City Mom

Hello our lovely blog readers! Carrie, aka Country Mom, has done such a fabulous job with keeping this blog going nicely, hasn't she? I apologize for my bit of absence recently. The family and I have been partaking in some good old fashioned house hunting. Fun, eh? :)

Well, I just have to say... When Carrie and I started this blog, all we could hope for is that we'd be able to pass along a little bit of support and love to other Moms out there just like us - and guess what? We've met some amazing Moms so far! We look forward to continuing to build and work on those relationships, so thank you for sharing your story and your child with us. We are so honored.

This blog has begun to grow and flourish into something truly wonderful. So thank you, all of you, for trusting us enough to confide in us, for believing in us enough to vote for us, for reading along with us as we reveal some pretty big parts of ourselves to you, and for being ridiculously awesome enough to allow us into your hearts. It truly is a great feeling; we are so appreciative, and it's rather comfy in here I might add. :)


  1. Hi Wendi!
    It's Caroline from has been awhile but I sure haven't forgotten you and your sweet angels..both heavenly and earthly:)
    I wanted to add my prayers for your family in finding a warm and beautiful home! Congras on the new site, you and Carrie have both been doing such a marvelous job! I absolutely LOVE IT

  2. Awww, thank you so much Caroline! <3