March 11, 2010

Country Mom: Upcoming Post Info & Pics.

Sorry, you guys are getting an extra dose of country mom right now... City mom is house hunting (which you know can be exciting, but stressful!) She's also a WAHM (work at home mom) whereas- I am a SAHM (stay at home mom). So, in the meantime to give her a little break we'll be having a guest blogger (very soon!!) So stay tuned, and until then- here's some pics.

Our lil' Jude. Actually, he's not that little, he's almost 9 months, and he's already 23lbs. believe it or not, my 4 1/2yr old took this pic of me & baby J.
Jude & Madelyn hanging out by the fence.
The weekend is almost here, as is spring. Bring it on, I'm so ready!
Oh, and on another note, we greatly appreciate you guys passing this site on to other moms who have lost an infant. Your help and votes are supporting this site and allowing us to contact moms just like us in order to support and encourage one another. Thanks!!

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