August 17, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Today was one of those days that has my heart confused! It was my oldest child's first day of school. I stood there watching her take her seat on the bus and wondered if I would laugh or cry when the bus drove away. I did neither, I actually just wandered back to the house and thought about it. It's scary to begin taking these steps toward the future- toward sending her off on her own one day. I keep reminding myself though how lucky I am to see this day with her, as I won't see it with Lila. It's yet another one of those bittersweet moments that causes mixed emotions. I would love to hear how other mom's handled the "first day blues". :) feel free to comment..

Carrie- aka Country Mom


  1. I am sorry i haven o advice. my oldest is starting school in 3 weeks & I have so much anxiety about it. I have heard over & over again that it is worse for us than the kids.


  2. I will be in the same boat next little man is starting the "BIG K." I'm thinking about just crying it out after he leaves with a big cup of coffee.

  3. that is always a hard milestone