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Spring Cleaning, Turning up Treasure.

I set out to spring clean this week. One room per day.
I told myself I wouldn't wuss out and do the basics- I'd tear everything apart and put it back together in perfect order. Today I worked on the kitchen. I emptied all the cabinets, drawers and the pantry. I sorted out items for a yard sale, items for goodwill and put everything back carefully. Then it was time for the floors, which the floors led me to pulling out the stove and the fridge to clean behind them too. Upon pulling out the fridge (don't tell the husband I did this, I have a bad back and he'll shoot me for moving the fridge) I found an assortment of things behind it that had fallen from the top. The last time the fridge was moved was oh, say - '06?

My pile of findings (after the dust bunnies were removed) equalled this- three hair ties, a penny, a tube of chapstick, a John Deere pen and this card....
A long lost sympathy card from 2008 when Lila passed away. We had rec'd two identical cards from members of our church family, one went into her sympathy card scrapbook, this one- forgotten and lost behind an appliance.

What a beautiful little pick me up and reminder for my family. I'll never forget how I cried when I found this card in my mailbox. The pure joy on Jesus' face as he's hugging this boy is enough to grab you by the heart. What an amazing picture. I'm glad my spring cleaning turned up some treasure.

Dear Lila, I miss you so much, but when I think of you in the arms of Jesus- just like this picture shows- I am so thankful to know you are in the care of our creator and you are safer than I could imagine. I love you.


  1. I have a new post on my blog about your blog.

    xoxo Mrs B

  2. What a sweet find. (Kudos to you for pulling appliances out to clean behind. I would never even consider that! LOL)