April 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Day Two.

You'd be proud of me, I just know it. On spring cleaning day two (remember i decided to just tackle one room a day- and really tackle it!) I tore Maddie's room completely down, swept everything, cleaned windows, organized everything (she gives the term "pack rat" new meaning.)... Then I put everything back together but in all new spots. Whew, I'm tired. I took a break today and went to the grocery store (wait- is that a break if you have to take children with you?) Anyway, here's the finished product- room completely together and done for the year. I will tear it apart and clean it thoroughly again next spring. Until then, keep your fingers crossed and hope her "pack-rat" tendencies vanish. (PS She's going for kindergarten registration next week!! I can't BELIEVE my child is going to school!)Yeah, it's pretty girly in there. And kinda shabby chic (my husband calls my style crappy-chick. lol. I think he's kidding. But who knows. haha.)


  1. This room is absolutely perfect. I wish I had a daughter so I could do pink, but we have boys! No pink allowed in our house.


  2. Room is beautiful...love shabby chic. Thanks for your email & I will write back soon just wanted to share that I went to kindergarten registration the other nite as well...my oldest daughter will start in Sept....wow how time flies...such little ladies already!!