April 15, 2010

Country Mom: I did it without tears!!!

It sure was a close one, but I registered Maddie for kindergarten today without tearing up. I had to talk myself down quite a few times. I never thought I'd say that since she's my strong willed, bosses her momma, thinks she's right and I'm wrong- Child. lol... but I'm going to miss her!!! She won't actually start until August... but is that enough time for me to wrap my head around it? Hope so. She's not yet five so I didn't know if she'd pass all the little tests they gave her, but she did with flying colors. She can tie her shoes, knows all her shapes/colors, can identify about 75% of letters capital and lowercase, and can write words and spell her name out loud. It was one of those moments that made me feel like I did a good job as momma. We have been doing preschool work at home, but she didn't ever attend preschool- so I'm sure glad I purchased all those curriculum books and went over them with her each week.

I am a proud momma peacock today. lol. Can't believe my first baby is growing up so fast!
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  1. I taught kindergarten last year and she's way ahead! That's so great, she'll have so much fun next year! I'm sure that's hard, I had a meltdown already thinking of myself watching Bella go to preschool. She's 5 months today, so year. I'm way ahead of myself.