April 5, 2010

Country Mom: Easter Sunday

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After church yesterday we had a small Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was kind of last minute, we ran out and hit eggs as fast as we could, but Maddie and Jude both loved it. It was the first time Maddie ever hunted eggs outside.

She found the giant pink egg and was super excited!

A basket was dropped and there were almost tears, but no candy was harmed. lol.

That must be one giant bird..

Jude was actually pretty excited & involved in the egg hunt for being only 10 months old. Brother and Sister on Easter Morning before church. Maddie must have been able to read my mind because during this little photo shoot she said, "I wish Lila could be here." Yep, I know. I wish Lila could be here too. It was a wonderful holiday, great to see Jude experience his first Easter, sad to see Lila miss it, but I know someday we'll all be together. That will be (for lack of a better word) Awesome.


  1. Beautiful pictures! voted. (:

  2. Great photos Carrie! The egg in the bird's nest makes me think of little Lila bird, of course. ;)

    Love you girl <3!

  3. Easter was so so hard without Cooper. It was our first real holiday without him, and it was much more difficult that I had expected. The day before marked what would have been Cooper's 6 month mark, so that didn't make things much easier. I can imagine things are somewhat bittersweet with your other children without Lila there to celebrate, but it looks like the kiddos had a blast! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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  4. I felt the same way about Easter, my daughter Ella passed away from SIDS on January 15 2010.I am with you both. My daughter was 8 months old, next month may 4 she would be 1 I was wondering what you did that day on the first birthday after and other birthdays?

  5. Abby, please leave us your email address so we can write to you, we'd love to add your ella to our memorial page.

    if you go down to the bottom left and click on anniversaries you can see pics of what we did for bdays.

    hope to hear from you soon