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Country Mom: Bittersweet.

Yet another set of images that have me picturing Lila sitting there playing along with them.. It's just one of those things I do and probably will do forever. But that's okay with me, I like to imagine her there with her brother and sister and wonder what she'd be like..

Peek a boo!
Oh, yeah? Let me show you what I can do.Kisses.After Easter Bunny!They wanted to pet the bunny and Maddie cried when I set all three of them free (far away from daddy and the mower!) She wanted to keep them in the house.. Not a good idea.Jude's latest and most hilarious milestone. Learning to poke and point. He adores poking sissy in the face while she watches her dvds. Poke, poke, poke, giggle, poke- after a handful of times she finds a new seat (further away from Jude and his chubby lil' finger.)

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  1. Your kiddos are SO cute. Look at those smiles! Sounds like you guys had a great Easter. Where are the sweet little bunnies from?

  2. the bunnies were in a pile of leaves hiding from the sound of the mower. they are really lucky my husband noticed them so we could relocate them and keep them safe. They were just so precious I honestly had a hard time not wanting to keep them too. lol.

  3. oh my gosh! your children are too cute- those little bunnies are adorable!!!!