March 20, 2010

Guest Blogger: Raychel "2 Posts in 1"

You have met Raychel before when she guest blogged for us last week. We've brought her back again because-- well, Raychel is one amazing woman! She is a momma to an angel and recently had her second little one in February. She has shown so much faith, strength and courage, and we admire her for forging ahead- despite the pain in her past.

When I saw these posts on Raychel's blog, I knew they were posts that would be good to share with our CMCM readers. Despite their loss of their precious daughter, Abi- Raychel and Rusty have grown stronger in their love for one another & are working together to build their dreams and family. Sticking together after a loss is one of the most essential parts of surviving the pain and finding joy again.

I don't normally cram two posts into one, but I thought these two were both equally worth sharing, so why wait- here's two of Raychel's posts. Feel free to leave her messages in the comment box. ;)

Post One: On Marriage -- From: June '09-
Four years ago today Rusty and I were married in Louisiana. On that day, the only stress I had was the huge storm that had blown in! There were no life losses and roller coaster rides that I had to deal with, just the pure bliss of knowing I was becoming Mrs. Stamper! Thankfully, that storm blew through, and we were still able to wed outside surrounded by the beautiful gardens.
In our four years, we have definitely been on a roller coaster. Marriage isn't always easy, but if you make the choice to choose love and happiness and work through the hard times... the end result is pure love and admiration for one another.I love my husband so much. I am thankful every day that God put him in my life. I am the lucky one. He is the best husband, most amazing father and truly my best friend. God knew exactly what he was doing when he created him and then put us together.Who would have thought that I would meet my husband in Oklahoma when I was living in California?! I'm glad I made the trip that summer and thankful that we hit it off so quickly. Our love has been through the wringer, but yet we are stronger and more in love than ever...

On their wedding day: Rusty & Raychel.

Post Two: One Year Since Abi went to Heaven --From: September 30, 2009
One year ago today, my life changed in a way that I never thought would happen to me. I felt more pain, sorrow, anger and shock than I ever had in my life. Soon after, I realized that I was blessed. I was blessed with the knowledge of where she was, I was blessed with four months with a healthy, happy baby, I was blessed with prayers of support and strength, I was blessed with a husband that never once cast blame on me but only supported me and loved me.During this year, I have had to move past a lot of blame issues. Thankfully, I found a person to talk to and work through the blame and shock with, so I could grieve in a healthy way. I can now look upon this day without feeling like I could have done something to change the outcome. I can look at today and know that my sweet girl is our angel and is enjoying the wonders of Heaven. She was hand picked by God to join him in his kingdom, and she is not pining for me, she is waiting for the day that I will join her.Through Abigayl's passing, I have found friendships that I know will last a lifetime, I have found a church family that I love, I have renewed my faith and have become a stronger Christian, and I have grown closer to my husband.I miss Abigayl terribly and I love her with every cell in my body. She is my sweet angel and I can't wait to see her, hold her and kiss her again. The great thing is... I know that I WILL.

Raychel with her Angel, Abigayl.

Thanks, Raych, for allowing us to share your posts with our other SIDS moms. You are an inspiration to us, and your strength is absolutely amazing. Congratulations on your precious new baby boy. We look forward to hearing more from you here on our blog in the near future. :)



  1. Raychel, you are a beautiful, strong woman, and I admire you!


  2. I only wish I had this kind of strength in my own life, and I have never suffered this type of loss. You are a hero to moms everywhere. Thanks for seting an example of how we should think- postively, and how we should not overlook the blessings in each day.

  3. Raychel,
    What is your blog? I did not see it linked here. I would love to know where I can see your blog!


  4. Your angel is so precious. What a blessing indeed- you are so right to remember her that way- stay focused on the good things

  5. I want to thank you all for your kind words. I gain all of my strenght through the Lord. It is a daily walk with Him that helps me find a way to deal with such an intense pain. My blog is:
    I am so thankful for what Carrie and Wendi are doing with this amazing site. I know that the day I connected with Carrie was one I will never forget. I was feeling so alone in my situation and God placed an amazing, strong woman in my life that could be there to give me advice. Carrie is a blessing to our family.