March 6, 2010

Country Mom: Words.

When someone is grieving, everyone wants to (or tries to) say the right thing. Most of the time they say words of comfort, but sometimes the wrong thing comes out. Even after having lost a child of my own, I still sometimes have trouble comforting others in their grief. But I know for sure there are a few things that pierced my heart that aren't on the list of good things to say.

"He/She is better off." "It happened for a reason." "You can have another baby."

"Why did God allow that to happen to you?"

Those are things that should never be said.
After Lila's funeral I had time to reflect on everyone who came through the line and shared words, hugs and tears.. I found the most comforting thing was when someone just whispered an "I'm sorry" and just hugged me as tightly as possible. That's the best thing (I think) anybody could have done. A hug speaks from the heart.

Missing you, Sweet Lila Grace.

Today and forever until I see you again.

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