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Country Mom: {{{True Love}}}

I should start this particular post by telling you I'm an only child. We're a rare breed, you don't find many of us these days. (lol) Being an only wasn't terribly lonely, I had a SAHM (stay at home mom) and she was the type who would make time for me, play Barbies- color etc... But this is still one piece of my life I always wished I could change. I always wanted a sibling. That's one more thing that added to the giant hole in my heart when Lila passed away. It was like Maddie had been thrown right back into the only child category. She was little at the time, but she would cry and ask why Lila wasn't there to hold and kiss. She wanted to show everything to her. One day she asked me if she could hold things up high and show them to the sky and if that would help Lila to see them up in Heaven. This made the grief even harder to bear at times, seeing it through the eyes of my little girl..

When Jude came along it was as if the dark clouds lifted from Maddie's life and the sun came shining in. She loved him from the very.first.second. There was never jealousy, not a speck. She knew exactly how it felt to lose her sister and she wasn't going to take a minute of Jude's existence for granted. My husband and I were amazed at how much true love she had for her baby brother. For nearly 10 months now she has been his #1 fan. Every morning she bursts into his room and proclaims that he is indeed 'the cutest baby Jude in the WORLD!'

Jude came with an attitude that seemed pre-programmed to adore Maddie. From the first week at home until today, she has been and still is the most fascinating person in the room. She ranks right up there with Momma. There are days when his teething is painful, and he's screaming his head off and you think- oh no, no one but momma will do today- but you'd be wrong- Maddie is a comfort and her arms are cozy and safe enough for him to trust her too. I am amazed by this beautiful true love they share for one another. I hope it lasts a lifetime.

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  1. That is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Turtle and I are both onlies.

    This is a beautiful post. Your children are absolutely wonderful.

  3. So precious. You have beautiful children.