March 31, 2010

Country Mom: Cause for Celebration.

What's the cause for celebration, you ask?
IT WAS.... Over 70 degrees today! Woohoo!
This will officially be the warmest Easter weekend we have had in, oh-say- six years!?!

We spent four hours in the yard enjoying the sunshine.Jude's first time riding in Maddie's wagon, first time on the gator, and first time enjoying bubbles with his big sister. What a neat day of firsts for our big boy!You know, I cannot recall a single Easter where it was warm enough to dress Madelyn in a sleeveless Easter dress (yet- that is all they sell for the most part.) I am so excited to dress my kids up, go to church, and celebrate this important day with my family. It is Jude's first Easter, so we're excited to give him his first basket, but most of all- I can't wait to share the true meaning of Easter with my children.

And... I'm thankful for this change of weather! How 'bout you?!
Oh- and don't forget to enter our giveaway for that gorgeous necklace- it's the next post down!!


  1. I really like your blog! Happy almost Easter!

  2. I like your blog to and your kids are adorable! I have 2 as well ^_^. What kind of camera do you use?

  3. Thanks, I am enjoying my two little ones here on Earth, but I sure do miss my Lila and wish I could see her playing with them n the yard also. :(

    I use a Nikon, just got it this past fall and am so in love with it! <3