March 17, 2010

City Mom: Picnic Pics

The weather was lovely today here in the city. It actually felt a bit like a Spring day. After Quinn woke up from his nap I decided we'd head outside for a mini picnic to take it all in.

Then, Quinn decided to surprise me by saying "ba ba!" ba ba!" -- Ok, so I don't know if he knows exactly all that he is saying, but he will repeat after me very clearly if I ask him to say it so I think it counts :). This is technically his second "word" since he's been saying "Da Da!" on demand for a couple of months now. You have no idea how many times a day I am in his face saying "Noooo, you meant to say Ma Ma! MA...MA!!". I suppose one day he will say it, if I don't traumatize him in the process :)

I think about how when Ethan was here, I never got to hear him speak a word, nor did I ever get the chance to feed him real baby food... I can truly say, without a doubt, that I cherish these moments with Quinn about a bajillion and one times more because of that. It's those little things that mean so much. Ethan has enriched my life in so many ways, and for that, I will always carry a grateful heart.


  1. My youngest daughter said Dada before Mama too. Frustrating for us, right!! :) The weather was beautiful here in NYC/NJ and I took the kids out too. Felt like such a beautiful day!! I hope this weather sticks.

    I also lost a child as well as having two miscarriages... It's a terrible feeling and even though it's been a few years, I still can't get over it. It hurts every hour of every day. No one around here understands the pain, so it's impossible to actually talk to anyone about it.

  2. I hear ya Krissy. It is so hard to have all of that pain inside and no where to really put it. In a lot of ways I feel that this blog has been a bit therapeutic for both Carrie and I because we get to let go of a lot of those feelings and thoughts that we have been holding away. At the same time however, bringing those feelings to the surface hasn't exactly been the easiest thing to do, but in our hearts we hope that by doing so we can help other Moms realize that they are not alone, nor do they have to go through this alone.

    We are living it too, each and every day, right there with you girl. You are welcome to talk about it here anytime you'd like, or feel free to email me to chat should you ever need it - sometimes it helps just knowing that you have someone to lean on -- not only just for the hard times, but for the good times too.

    wendilombard at gmail dot com

    city mom

  3. Krissy, so sorry for your loss. I understand about not having anyone to talk to. It's really, really tough! People who haven't had a similar experience don't really understand. They tend to want us to feel better, so they kind of push us ahead too quickly. I haven't really found a solution. I just kind of keep to myself and try to find outlets for my own feelings that don't put a burden on my family. I hope and pray for your continued recovery and grace for your journey. :0)

    Thanks to city mom and country mom for reaching out to others in pain.