March 5, 2010

Australian Angels.

Have you heard of the Dudley's?
They are an amazing couple from Australia who write the names of children on the beach in Mullaloo Point. They photograph the name and post it with the family's message at The pictures are taken at sunset on the South coast of Western Australia. What an amazing tribute! Wendi and I have both submitted our babies names and have been pleased to see their names added to the gallery.
Click HERE to view Lila's Tribute & Photo
Click HERE to view Ethan's Tribute & Photo
It amazes me that a couple all the way around the world take the time to do something so sweet in honor of our children. This is a time consuming task, but Carly and her family do it with love and dedication while never ceasing to stop and encourage us. They are truly Australian angels.

Take a minute and visit their site!

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